Bath Linens and Accessories (23)

Calligraphy Guest Towel Set

LE 415.00

Halfa Basket With Lining

LE 400.00

Halfa Basket With Tassels

LE 450.00

Indian Kaff Guest Towel...

LE 310.00

Plexi Tissue Holder

LE 725.00

Halfa Plain Coned Basket

LE 330.00

Hammam Beach Towel

LE 700.00

Golden Leaf Guest Towels...

LE 200.00

Halfa Fringed Basket

LE 500.00

Gold Starfish Guest Towels...

LE 215.00

Halfa Feather Embroidery Basket

LE 475.00

Shell Fish Guest Towel...

LE 415.00