The Nest is a concept store that sells curated pieces that are all proudly made in Egypt. The store focuses on home decor and lifestyle pieces that add the perfect touch to any space.

The Nest is a family-owned business that was founded by husband-and-wife duo Omar Magdy and Dina Halim in 2013.

Omar started Tica’s - a textile manufacturer - in 2010 and later on The Nest in 2013 after graduating from Middlesex University where he studied International Business and Marketing. Dina graduated from the University of Copenhagen where she studied Film and Media, with a focus on Digital Media.

Leveraging their respective academic backgrounds, and their mutual passion for business, the couple decided to develop The Nest into a business that comprises two stores, its own line of products, and a considerable online and e-commerce presence.

Dina and Omar’s combined drive, influences, and business experience helped develop The Nest into the fully-fledged successful business that it is today.